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A group of government and industry representatives from countries interested in facilitating international trade in wine.

Guided by principles that facilitate trade in wine and protect consumers

Founded in 1998, the World Wine Trade Group (WWTG) has worked to facilitate international trade in wine, while ensuring regulators can appropriately protect consumers, through information sharing, discussion of regulatory issues in wine markets and joint actions for the removal of trade barriers. Our goal is to benefit both wine exporting and importing countries.

The WWTG recognizes the unique characteristics of each country’s regulatory system and advances the mutual acceptance of winemaking practices and harmonization of labelling regulations, rather than the imposition of prescriptive regulatory approaches.

  • About WWTG and Participation

    person holdling globe with out of focus field in background

    The WWTG currently has nine members and welcomes participation from non-member governments and industry representatives.

  • Current Agreements

    wine glasses, lined up with different types of wine

    Agreements identify and address differing national rules on oenological practices, presentation and placement of information on labels, and other items.