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Protocol to the 2007 World Wine Trade Group Agreement on Requirements for Wine Labeling concerning Alcohol Tolerance, Vintage, Variety, and Wine Region

The Protocol extends the earlier Labelling Agreement by providing for a degree of harmonization of rules regarding alcohol tolerance, variety, wine region, and vintage.

The Protocol was signed on March 22, 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.

List of Wine Regions in accordance with the
WWTG Labelling Protocol Article 4.3 (e)
Linkages in accordance with the WWTG
Labelling Protocol Article 5, paragraphs 1-2
Argentina Regions (PDF) Argentina Linkages (PDF)
Australia Regions (PDF) Australia Linkages (PDF)
Canada Regions (PDF) Canada Linkages (PDF)
Chile Regions (PDF) Chile Linkages (PDF)
Georgia Regions (PDF) Georgia Linkages (PDF)
New Zealand Regions (PDF) New Zealand Linkages (PDF)
South Africa Regions (PDF) South Africa Linkages (PDF)

Download a PDF of the Labelling Protocol

Download a PDF of the Canada’s Accession Application

Download a PDF of the Correction of Article 4, paragraph 4B

Labelling Protocol Parties and Status List

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