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winery field with white grapes in focus

World Wine Trade Group Neuquén Regulatory Principles

World Wine Trade Group Governments endorse the following additional regulatory principles for wine, to be read in conjunction with the WWTG Tbilisi Statement on Analytical Methodology and Regulatory Limits on Constituents and Potential Contaminants in Wine (2014) and the WWTG Cape Town Statement on Regulatory Principles for Wine (2017):

  • Harmonization of references: When appropriate and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Governments should refer to processing aids and additives using an approach that minimizes or eliminates the possibility of confusion due to the existence of synonyms for those substances.
  • Presence of non-pesticide substances in wine: Presence of non-pesticide substances in wine: Sale of a wine should not generally be restricted because of the presence of a naturally occurring substance (i.e., other than a pesticide or food additive) if the substance is present in the wine:
    1. at a level that does not present a public health or safety concern; and
    2. at or below levels that may be found in wines from the same origin produced in accordance with good agricultural practice and good oenological practice.

November 16, 2018

Download a PDF of the Neuquen Regulatory Principles

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