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Current Agreements

Early discussions at the New World Wine Producers, later renamed the World Wine Trade Group, identified the possible threats to trade that arose from differing national rules on oenological practices. At the first Zurich meeting it was agreed that such differences should not be a basis for erecting technical barriers to trade.

Below you will find the current negotiated Agreements and their status among WWTG governments.

  • Memorandum of Understanding

    wine corks stacked neatly

    Seeks to facilitate trade among its Participants by promoting that routine certification of wine composition should not be required unless necessary for human health and safety.

  • Labelling Protocol

    field at sunset

    Builds upon the 2007 Labelling Agreement to minimize labelling-related barriers among its Parties.

  • Arrangement on Information Exchange, Technical Cooperation & Counterfeiting

    messy pile of corks

    Recognizes the importance of information exchange and technical cooperation to address concerns among participants especially related to counterfeit wine.